Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review of 2014

This month was productive with a wide range of projects, some even got completed. The most popular post in January with 552 views was this:

A much slower month but with an emphasis on Megablitz Italians. They were also the most popular with 257 views:

Nothing to see here. Move along to April please.

April was definitely the month of the Megablitz Italians. All manner of Italian units being produced but the most popular post was, with 383 views, this:

The fifth month was barely alive with only three posts. The most viewed (77!!!), and also a FLW job being this:

Flaming June was a complete mystery to me, well the viewing figures were at any rate. I'm going to post the most and second most popular posts here. I am doing this because the positions defy reason:

1st (917 views)

2nd (637 views)

A reasonably productive month with some good work done with HOTT & FLW . By far the most popular post, with 537 views, being:

Pulp Adventures became popular with me and this is reflected both in work done and views. The most viewed post, 264 times, in August was:

The Pulp Adventures theme continued into September with a good number of posts and also some satisfying work being completed. The most popular was, however, a book review! 279 views in total: 

The tenth month was reasonably productive. Pulp Adventures dominated but Swing Dance also figured. This month also marked the start of my slide into depression which had me in its grip for all of November and part of December. The various Pulp Adventures posts were well viewed this month with the following post seen the most at 367 times:

Closed for (self) maintenance.

Two posts only in December, including this one. It was nice to finish the year on an upbeat. Things are much more positive now and I am looking forward to next year with renewed confidence and vigour. 

Thank you everyone who joined the site this year and for everyone's supporting comments on my posts. I do appreciate what you say and the time you take to write them. 2015! Let's GO!    

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Nightmare With A Happy Ending

Bloody hell! What a game I've had trying to get back into the blog. I solved the problem quite easily in the end, wrong accounts, wrong log-in details BAH!

Anyways I had a rather splendid Crimbo and Santa brought me all kinds of top grade loot. Including, but not limited too, a proper storage box for all the Pulp Adventures figures I've painted to date. I'm actually painting another pair of them at the moment too. I also scored a box set of the Bogart & Bacall movies plus a copy of 'The Rocketeer'!

Joyful & Triumphant

I feel properly re-energised and am anticipating some reasonably good things for 2015. I say reasonably so I don't overreach myself and end up in a hole again like I did back in November for, well, reasons.

All the best to you and yours for Christmas and the future!