Thursday, 30 April 2015

New Blog Members

I've just noticed that several people have joined the blog in the last week or so. Many thanks for joining and I'll be sure to return the compliment by following yours too!

Some have more than one blog but you can find them quite easily by clicking on the links. Except for M. le Duc who doesn't seem to have a working link :-)

All the best!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Swing Dancing In North Brum

As many of you know I'm a big fan of Swing Dance and the Big Band music that goes with it. Tonight a new dance class started in Sutton Coldfield. This is great because, at the moment, all teaching and most social dancing takes place in South Birmingham. I don't have a problem with this but I do feel that a city-wide Swing Dance scene in a place the size of Birmingham is a must. Tonight was definitely a step in the right direction to achieve this!

The teachers are called Paul Neary and Sarah McHugh and their dance school is called Swing Express. They taught us in a relaxed, friendly and accessible way. There were a number of absolute beginners in the class and they all seemed to get to grips with the moves and enjoy themselves at the same time. I felt the more experienced dancers also had a great time too.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Favourite Games At Salute 2015

As promised here are some pictures I took of games which caught my eye at Salute. I appreciate everyone has their own standouts but these were mine. Hope you enjoy the images and understand just how much work goes into producing games of this quality.

RAF attacks German Zeppelin
Based upon a real incident in August 1918
The RAF being 5 months old at this point

This is 7TV's game of paranormal investigators battling troublesome spooks in NYC. So, it's definitely NOT Ghostbusters.....except, well...yeah ;) A really great looking game which reminded me a lot of the film; which was the idea.
(not) Ghostbusters 1

 (not) Ghostbusters 2

(not) Ghostbusters 3

Next is the incredible participation game of the Empire's assault upon Hoth at the start of The Empire Strikes Back. Fantastic terrain, models, figures, all 20mm scale, and presentation. From what I could see everyone involved was having a great time.

Hoth Assault 1

Hoth Assault 2

Hoth Assault 3

Hoth Assault 4

Hoth Assault 5

The picture shows a typical Western Front battlefield except this time it's medical. The players' job is to maneuver a stretcher bearer team, with casualty, across the board to the Advanced Dressing Station. From your right to your left in this picture. Great fun and very unusual theme.
Stretcher bearers!

This game is the US's attack on Fort George in 1779 during the AWI This game was my absolute favourite of the show. There are ten, TEN, fully rigged sailing ships on the table. The fort, terrain and figures were all beautifully painted and constructed in 28mm scale. Fantastic stuff!

Fort George 1

Fort George 2

 Fort George 3

Fort George 4

More when I have it!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Grand Day Out In That London

An early start with General Charles, Wargamer A & Wargamer G saw us near Edgehill battlefield where we picked up the fifth member of the expedition: Mr Duncan. We reached the venue very quickly; we were chatting a lot and I believe this helps one warp time and space to one's advantage.

 A monument to what once was

As usual the venue was right at the end of The Long March tunnel of Excel. This year, as well as the London Marathoners booking in there was some kind of clinical exhibition. There was also The Sherlock exhibition. This was overrun with fans, many of whom were sporting Deerstalkers. Apparently HE was there and it cost £50 to get a BC autograph. Or so I was told..

Anyways onto the main event. We got in very quickly and, as usual, the event space was like a furnace. I also thought that there were fewer traders there this year. Maybe not but that was the impression I got. That said the traders who were there were all doing good business; all were cheerful and friendly and the quality of the stuff on sale was high. Especially the MDF creations. Absolutely incredible and all at excellent prices.

I bought all the things I had on my shopping list. And several things that weren't. As you do ;-)


Yes, that is an MDF steam launch in the style of The African Queen! I also bought an MDF saloon car which is an incredible model. Pictured LtoR Pulp figures (Swaggering Nazis and Helpless Captives). A load of movement trays; a Cthulhu pyramid; tents and camping stuff; the steam launch. I also took photos of some awe-inspiring games at Salute which will form another post.

All the best!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lighthouse of Horror

So, there I am in a charity shop in Mere Green (Birmingham) and I spot a plastic lighthouse. It's a novelty light, this is probably why it ended up in a charity shop. I picked it up, had a look, thought naaah and put it back on the shelf. Fortunately my friend was with me and he said 'What are you doing? That'll be great for your Pulp games!' He was right.

It had seen better days. I think it must have been thrown outside at some point given the amount of mud clogging the battery compartment. I cleaned it up, and drained off the rain water that had gotten inside. After a soapy wash and rinse it didn't look too bad. Sadly the battery compartment had been damaged beyond economical repair so no light action.

I masked off the main light panels and the windows. I then sprayed it matt black overall. Once that was dry I got the white emulsion tester pots out and started painting. I tried to avoid completely filling in the gaps between the building stones. Mostly successful, I wanted to suggest a building that is slightly seedy and not quite what it seems. I painted the roof, front door and railing with Vallejo Red 70926 and then highlighted with Vallejo Red 70947. The windows I painted with a very watery Vallejo 70947 to get a 'House That Dripped Blood' vibe going. Sort of.

The rock base was dry brushed with a grey emulsion and then a lighter grey Vallejo London Grey mixed with a bit of white. The marine plants were painted with a variety of Vallejo Greens and then highlighted with Vallejo Yellow. I dry-brushed my way through this to maintain the black undercoat in the fronds and recessed areas of the plants. I also stippled the base with various greens to suggest sea plant growth.
The steps were dry brushed white, then grey then stippled with greens to suggest marine growths as per the rest of the rock.

 As bought, post wash

Matt black undercoat


Finished item with ranting Cultist for scale

So what's the plan? Well, a team of right-thinking do-gooders will almost certainly investigate this place before too long. What will they discover there? Cultists performing their foul rites? Captives held in durance vile? Who knows but I'm certain we'll find out!


Update 1: I managed to remove the battery compartment gubbins without damaging the model! Following a test with a tea-light (it was a brief test) the lights will be back on. Maybe one of those flickering flame ones people use on wargames tables inside black cotton wool to suggest burning. 

Update 2: I decided the building's paint job looked too fresh and new. To calm it down, and up the seedy, I used a large brush to apply generously watered down Army Painter Dark Tone over the white. I also glued some bunches of moss to the building to imply lack of maintenance. 


Friday, 17 April 2015

The Cult Of CuYuHu

The dreadful puns continue with this latest Pulp faction. Dedicated to the overthrow of humanity and the reign of A Dreadful Being From Another Dimension. They are completely bonkers. There is, however, one thing they have that keeps them strong. They believe and belief is enough to sustain them in their numerous failures and subsequent plotting.

In An Underground Lair With Obligatory Altar

 Cult Leader Frank
The Keeper Of Secrets

 Cult Number Two Pierre
The Giver Of Orders

Henchman Oleg
The Doer Of Biddings

 Henchman Phil
The Sprayer Of Death

Henchman Ringenstingen
The Keeper Of The Purifying Flame

Coming to a Pulp adventure near you soon!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Citizens Of Pulpville

Bought the Swell Dolls set from Copplestone Castings the other day. They are a group of five figures all standing in neutral poses but all are individuals. Some are dressed in general day wear others are for a night out. Being a bit rubbish at this sort of thing I decided to stick to a simple palette with each figure being painted in just two main colours. I've also included a sinister male figure to add some balance to the scene.

None of them are part of a faction or gang being instead Expendable Extras. They'll also help to flesh out games by being innocent bystanders. And, as we all know, that usually means being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

 Main Street

 Waiting For Their Friend

Swanks On The Town

 Some bins

All the best!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Kapitan Krunk's Machine Gun Mercenaries

These boys are not a German army unit. They are, however, the deadliest machine-gunners available for hire just about anywhere. Our machine-gunners have all seen active service on a number of fronts and are all from different parts of the world. Fitted out with surplus Great War equipment and weaponry and clothed in an all-purpose uniform designed by the good Kapitan himself. If your price is right they will machine-gun your cause to victory with the minimum of fuss. Collateral damage is a speciality unless otherwise requested.

The figures, I think, are all Perry Great War miniatures. I've had them for years and decided to re-paint them in a more Pulp style. As they are they can take part in adventures just about anywhere in the world.

Kapitan Krunk's Machine Gun Mercenaries

Sergeant Spooner

MG Team 1

 MG Team 1

MG Team 2

MG Team 3

 MG Team 4

The good Kapitan himself wasn't available for the photo shoot. As soon as he returns from a very important business meeting I'll get his mug-shot. Until then......

Updates as they happen, chumrades!