Friday, 31 August 2012

HotT Army Showcase #1 The Nutcracker

As an avid follower of The Stronghold & The Stronghold Rebuilt I was very taken with Alan's 'Nutcracker' lists for Hordes of the Things.

I decided to do a matched pair.....good intentions etc! I have a cunning plan for the mice. Anyways I've completed the Army of the Nutcracker more or less as per the list:

The Army of The Nutcracker

1. The Candy Artillery
2. The 3 Regiments of Blades
3. The Nutcracker Hero General
4. The 2 Regiments of Spears
5. The 2 Regiments of Shooters
6. Maria, A Sneaker
7. Stronghold: A Toy Box

The Nutcracker. A Hero General

The Candy Artillery

Green, Yellow & Blue Regiments of Blades

The Purple & Pale Blue Regiments of Spears

The Emerald & Orange Regiments of Shooters

Maria, A Sneaker

The Toy Box, Stronghold
(with proper mardy bear)

The bulk of the figures are Zvezda Prussian Grenadiers of Frederick the Great.

Maria is a plastic toy from 99p Shop

The Artillery is a Britain's match-firing cannon that may pitch up elsewhere. I scratchbuilt the candy missiles from cocktail sticks and balsa wood.

The stronghold is a resin figure from a charity shop.

I created some labels in Word for each stand with its name and its role. I did this to make everyone's life easier during games.

PS Apologies for the blurry nature of some of the pictures.

Welcome to Paul of PaulsBodsTim Gow & The Angry Lurker who all run first class blogs. Go visit!

All the best!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Adding My Favourite Blogs

Phew! That took some doing. My poor Luddite-enabled brain is fair knacked after that. Worth it though because each blog is a gem!

All the best!

And then there was....

.......My first blog post. Ever.

Hello and welcome! My name is James and I am a wargamer.

I'll try and post up reports of wargame related activity and other stuff I do, like swing-jive.

At the moment my fevered imagination has been captured by Funny Little Wars and 54mm figures to go with it. I'm thoroughly enjoying painting the chaps in a toy soldier style and the fact they are big is saving my eyes from dimming further. I'll post some pictures asap.

All the best!