Thursday, 22 November 2012

And HE! Shall Have Music Wherever HE! Goes

The HE! of the title is of course His Excellency El Presidente or HEEP as he is sometimes, unwisely, called. This name is provided only as an example of what the filthy Tarbooshians call humour at Our Presidente's expense. We urge all loyal citizens not to use it or expect a 4am visit from El Presidente Death Squad.

Music is central to Anahuacan cultural life with villages, towns and cities flooded by strolling players. Why this is so when the Army is crying out for recruits is a matter for concern. Expect these cadging buskers to be rounded up and put into uniform any time soon.

Not so these brave and clear-eyed musicians. All are volunteers for The Army Band of Eternal Anahuaco and El Presidente is a big fan. They have kept up the spirits of our troops in many an encampment, march and battlefield. Their unique sound striking terror into the paper-thin, lily-livered and swivel-eyed Tarbooshians!

Percussion & Brass

Syncopated Beat

The figures are Kellog's bandsmen bodies and Crescent Mexican heads. The bandsmen's heads have found alternative employment in Tarbooshia. All these 54mm figures were sourced from the bargain bins at last month's Birmingham Toy Soldier Fair.

All the best! 


  1. An utterly splendid little band...

  2. tradgardmastare,
    How utterly splendid of you to say so, old boy!

  3. Only just found this....brilliant!


    1. Well I am glad you did and many thanks for your kind words, good sir!