Saturday, 14 February 2015

Attention Pulp Hounds!

That sterling fellow Col B of Col's Tanks, amongst many other things, led me to this site of VERY useful and FREE buildings. Go check it out, and check out the Pulp stuff on Col's blog too! Thank you, chumrade! Most appreciated!

All the best!

PS: Did I mention he SCRATCHBUILDS his AFVs?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Quiet On Set! ACTION!

Here's the deal. When I finally get my A-into-G and play some Pulp Adventure games I'll be photographing the action and then writing an AAR for inclusion here. And then I thought wouldn't it be a wizard wheeze to have a toy film crew filming the action while I film them as I film the action....ahem. All will become clear in due course.

Here's some pictures of The Movie Crew filming a quota quickie in downtown ToyTown earlier today:

Tell Me You Got Zat Shot?!

Cut! Print!

Crazed Genius of B-Cinema
Erich von Strokehem

Master of The Clapperboard
Kriz Klapski

Mistress of the Script
& Part-Time Reporter
Daphne Dewdrop

Ace Camera Operator
Reels Rogers

 The Truck

The figures are from Bob Murch's Pulp range. I cleaned them up, mold lines that kind of thing. I undercoated them with matt black Plastikote. They were all painted using a range of Vallejo colours. I am particularly pleased with the way the director figure turned out. I tried check patterns on Reels's trousers/hat and Kriz's sweater. The truck is a standard die-cast sprayed black. I made the signs with WordArt. A really fun project!

Updates as they happen, chumrades!

PS: Welcome to new blog member CPBelt, thanks for following!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

It's My Birthday!

53 years ago today I made my starring debut on Planet Earth; and it's been downhill ever since ;)

I was born in a former workhouse, which thanks to Nye Bevin, was actually an NHS maternity hospital by the time I arrived: Saint Catherine's Maternity Hospital, Birkenhead, Cheshire.

 It's grim.....

......up North

I've had a nice day: presents, cards and some friends took me out for lunch. Friday night I was out dancing and tomorrow my daughters are taking me out for a slap-up breakfast (possibility of lashings of ginger beer) and even more gifts. I could get used to these three day celebrations!

All the best!

PS In case some readers were distressed by the Dickensian/Orwellian look of my birthplace this recent photo of St Cath's should cheer you up a bit:

Space Age (Northern)!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Boats Bailey

Ahoy there! It's Boats Bailey a bluff naval cove who has spent most of his life afloat. That said he loves to go adventuring on dry land with his pals The Hat Squad. Boats can pilot most types of ship and is no mean engineer. He is also incredibly agile what with his sea-legs and, being accustomed to shinning up rigging and masts, no terrain is uncrossable or unclimeable for him. Possessing a fine beard and twinkling blue eyes plus a hand cannon with a high bad-guy-blasting factor Boats is a great addition to The Hat Squad.

All the best!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Brasneki's Band Bags Brilliant Badman

You'll remember this gang from a while ago. White Russians looking to cause a Romanov restoration; at least that's what the Mission Statement says. But, as we all know, missions have a habit of creeping and they don't come much creepier than this character. Wears his heavy overcoat and ushanka all the time, even in the hottest places. This is a left over from his means of escape from The Red Hordes: he was forced into a refrigerated meat wagon which traversed Siberia in the dead of winter. I like that he's a bit porky too, or is that just layers under that greatcoat? Note the wagging finger; he's given to declaiming at the drop of a hat;  he's also a pretty good shot to boot, favouring a Luger-style gat. He made his way west via Shanghai to rendezvous with The Baron in Paris. Ladies and gentlemen I give you

Vasily Tiklikov (you'll just have to practice saying it I'm afraid.....)

The figure is a Bob Murch Pulp figure from the Spies set. Thankfully NorthStar in UK are now selling these wonderful figures. After the usual clean-up I undercoated with matt black Plastikote and then painted the toy with Vallejo paints. I have to say it was a joy to paint and I am looking forward to daubing the others.

Here's Vasily with his new besties:

Updates as they happen, Chumrades!