Sunday, 8 September 2013

7th Armoured Division #2

Today's Megablitz offering is the first of the 7th AD's divisional troops. I suppose technically they are support troops but we already have a Support Group and according to this OOB these toys are not part of the SG. What we have here is 3rd RHA with their 2pdr AT guns and Morris tractor/LOG vehicles. I may have a go at converting my next A/T regiment into a 2pdr-Portee. As we all know the 2pdr, at this stage of the war, was pretty deadly to all Italian armoured vehicles; less so to trucks and the like due to not having a HE round. the bizarre thing is that a 2pdr HE was available but was never supplied.

3rd Regt RHA:

The toys are by Zvezda (2pdr) & Corgi (Morris Truck)

All the best!


  1. Ah the mighty 2pr....the gun that struck terror into.....let me think,
    ah Italian Camel corps? Not that the American 37 was any better, hell
    I recall the history as they trained me on the Ma Duce (Browning cal
    50. Heavy Barrel) it started out life as an antitank weapon. It amazes
    me what people were thinking at the time. This unit is progressing quite
    well your no slacker with a paint brush my friend....well done!

    1. Tsk, hardly the gun's fault those pesky Nahzees wouldn't play nice ;-)

  2. Very nice work, love the ground and the paintjob!

  3. Nice work James, good stuff that Zevezda kit