Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My Favourite Games At Salute 2015

As promised here are some pictures I took of games which caught my eye at Salute. I appreciate everyone has their own standouts but these were mine. Hope you enjoy the images and understand just how much work goes into producing games of this quality.

RAF attacks German Zeppelin
Based upon a real incident in August 1918
The RAF being 5 months old at this point

This is 7TV's game of paranormal investigators battling troublesome spooks in NYC. So, it's definitely NOT Ghostbusters.....except, well...yeah ;) A really great looking game which reminded me a lot of the film; which was the idea.
(not) Ghostbusters 1

 (not) Ghostbusters 2

(not) Ghostbusters 3

Next is the incredible participation game of the Empire's assault upon Hoth at the start of The Empire Strikes Back. Fantastic terrain, models, figures, all 20mm scale, and presentation. From what I could see everyone involved was having a great time.

Hoth Assault 1

Hoth Assault 2

Hoth Assault 3

Hoth Assault 4

Hoth Assault 5

The picture shows a typical Western Front battlefield except this time it's medical. The players' job is to maneuver a stretcher bearer team, with casualty, across the board to the Advanced Dressing Station. From your right to your left in this picture. Great fun and very unusual theme.
Stretcher bearers!

This game is the US's attack on Fort George in 1779 during the AWI This game was my absolute favourite of the show. There are ten, TEN, fully rigged sailing ships on the table. The fort, terrain and figures were all beautifully painted and constructed in 28mm scale. Fantastic stuff!

Fort George 1

Fort George 2

 Fort George 3

Fort George 4

More when I have it!


  1. I somehow missed the Star Wars game and the Ghostbusters game???

    1. Good job I took some snaps then eh, chumrade? ;-)

  2. I am very envious James. They are great photos of great looking games. I remember buying Mr Staypuft in HK back in the nineties. He was subsequently kidnapped and I had to pay a ransom of 10 unmarked Goffas (soft drink) in a brown paper bag left on the Quarterdeck to get him back!

  3. I also totally missed the Ghostbusters game and the stretcher bearer game. I did see there was a Hoth game, but couldn't get near it because of the crowds. So thanks for the photos!