Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Buildings of Vim Fuego

Good morning all,
After a night's sleep my internal editor decided that The Defence of Vim Fuego had a load of unecessary building pictures. So, in the hope anyone will be interested, I split the post in two: first part the troops, second the buildings.

Each building was designed to be wargame friendly: large doorways, plenty of windows, flat, removable or shallow incline roofs,

I scratch-built all the buildings from balsa, foam-core, wooden rods, coffee stirrers, adhesive floor tiles, tequila bottle cap & kebab skewers. The walls are plastered with a mix of sand/PVA glue which dries rock hard and then painted.

The timetables are real old-time Mexican ones I found on-line and scaled down.

I got the church bell from a haberdashery stall in Birmingham's Rag Market.

The tiling on the church and station is corrugated card, top layer removed, cut into strips; soaked in mostly PVA with a drop of water and then placed onto the plain roof piece. Once in place put another one on and so-on until you've covered the roof. Allow to dry, trim and then paint. Remember to start from the the lowest roof edge and work upwards!

Vim Fuego Station, track-side

V F Station, side view inc Ticket/Telegraph Office

V F Station, Main Entrance

La Cantina, rear elevation

La Cantina, Front & Roof 

Peasant Dwellings 1

Peasant Dwellings 2

Church of St. Wonky

Bell Tower

Church Interior

All the best!

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  1. Paul of said:
    Make it five, how could one resist when a blog contains a town called Vim Fuego!