Sunday, 11 May 2014

Funny Little Watchtower Part 1

I did my usual rounds of the local charity shops yesterday and once again the children's toy bins come up aces. For a mere 70p I scored the rather imposing watch-tower you can see below. It is all plastic but has a 'corrugated iron' roof; simulated planking sides and sits atop a 'steel' girder frame. I will also need to add a ladder, the mountings are there but the ladder ain't. Probably eaten by a toddler. There is also a rather modern looking search-light but I think the addition of a crank-handle and some wiring will take care of that. I need to research colour schemes. The tower needs to be obvious so that whoever is manning it can get shot easily as per every film involving a watch-tower being attacked ever.

Cheap 'n' cheerful
Tower: no ladder
See what I mean?



  1. Replies
    1. I can see for miles and miles and miles etc etc

  2. I found the same tower at a Goodwill store but it was missing the top. I broke mine apart. I made the top into a mine shack and will use the legs as the base for a water tower.