Saturday, 11 October 2014

Pulp Faction (Update)

I've done character mini-biogs for each of the current members of The Band of Baron Brasneki

Paris Police Files on White Emigré Groups

Baron Boris Brasneki
PPF/001/001/M Baron Brasneki
A White Russian emigré. Allegedly involved in numerous plots to restore the Romanovs to the throne of Russia. Never seems to be short of personal funds. Likes his medals and is a known 2-pistol man. Dangerous and fanatical. Knows of the limitations of Shetsov's loyalty.
Ludmilla Brasneki
PPF/002/023/F Ludmilla Brasneki
Baron Brasneki's only daughter and only child. Known as 'Ludmilla the Killer'. Extremely dangerous and highly skilled with firearms. Adept in unarmed combat and knows how to construct a honey trap.Excellent fund-raiser. Believes implicitly in a Romanov restoration. Was spirited out of Russia by her mother who then disappeared. Secretly in love with Ardaaz Nayals.

 Symeon Shetsov
PPF/045/239/M Symeon Shetsov
Baron Brasneki's chief of staff. He is also in charge of Intelligence Gathering and Assassination. Fearless and deadly with all weapons and in unarmed combat. Loyal to a point but will always put himself first. Escaped from Russia following the collapse of The Whites. The Baron found him in Paris working for gangsters. He persuaded him his interests and destiny lay elsewhere. Interestingly several known gangsters were found dead around the city following this offer.

Ardaaz Nayals 
PPF/010/035/M Ardaaz Nayals 
Baron Brasneki's bodyguard. Physical culture enthusiast: incredibly strong. VERY loyal to the Brasnekis. Secretly in love with the Baron's daughter, Ludmilla. He served in Brasneki's regiment and carried a wounded and exhausted Baron over the border to safety following the collapse of The Whites.

From the office of Inspector Clouless.


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