Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Grand Night Out

Tonight I went to the club night of The October Wargames Association as a guest of John Saunders, Kaptain Kobold's Dad. A rather splendid fellow! The club is in one of the bar's of The Ladywood Social Club. There was a huge number of gamers there playing all manner of interesting looking games; none of which I had chance to look at as me and John became in engrossed in our game of HotT.

We only played one game - Chartists v Privilege. Jon commanded AotP and I took control of the 6-Point Men. It took quite a while because I was relearning the rules while John was teaching me some of the more nuanced approaches to play. All in all I learned quite a lot during the game! Suffice to say it was extremely enjoyable and after quite a bit of AotP being recoiled there began the, mostly Chartist, slaughter. John emerged victorious with The Army of the Privilege.

I enjoyed the evening immensely and will be going back. Everyone met was friendly and chatty and complimented my HotT armies too. I was also impressed that everyone seemed to be enjoying their games and a distinct lack of arguing. always welcome! I intend to become a member if they'll have me.

Sadly there are no pics to commemorate the encounter - I forgot my camera and the batteries in John's camera packed up as I took the first shot.

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