Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Invincible Indian Infantry Immenseness

4th Indian Infantry Division.

September 5 2013 and the divisional infantry brigades were complete. And now, a mere eight months later, the rest of the division's toys have caught up! Compared to the Italian infantry division I finished last week this Indian-job is a BEHEMOTH. So much artillery for a start.Then there's all the other stuff as well.

The infantry brigades and part of the HQ units have already been covered here.


Left to Right:
Staff & Signals (Dodgy diecast conversion)
HQ (Corgi diecast)
Divisional Recce (PSC)
Divisional MG Bn (Frontline)
The divisional engineers were clearing a mine-field but returned in time for the divisional pic.

As above

Divisional AA Regt & LOG (Airfix)
Divisional AT Regt & LOG (Zvezda, Corgi)

Divisional Fd Arty Regts.
25pdrs & LOGs (Airfix)
18pdr & LOG (Irregular, Corgi)

Infantry Brigades' Transports

4th Indian Infantry Division

All the best!


  1. How splendid! Are the magnets there to allow you change the designation of the troops?

    1. Thank you very much, Michael :)

      The magnets are to attach strength point counters under the Megablitz rule system.

      All the best

  2. I say! That all looks worryingly professional!

  3. So are you planning an Operation Compass Megablitz game?

  4. Excellent work James. Top notch in fact!