Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pulp Faction

I think I mentioned I was working on some figures with Pulp potential either here or on Book of Faces or somewhere. Anyway the point is I am, or was; they're finished. I've also given them names but am yet to write a back story for each. I've got a few ideas and will put finger to keyboard presently.

What is attractive about gaming Pulp adventures is the episodic nature of the games. With a few figures, some nice terrain and at least three plot holes what's not to like. I've always enjoyed Pulp, for example I went to see 'Raiders of The Lost Ark' TEN times. Yes, you read that correctly: 10 times. I did enjoy it though.

And what's brought this on? Well, given my grasshopper mind and July 2014's copy of 'Wargames Illustrated' which had a 'Pulp Adventures Special'. You can work the rest out for yourself. That said I've had the figures pictured below for ages so I must have been destined to do this. Wasn't I? Ha!

I painted them up as erstwhile 'White Russians' and make no apology for historical accuracy since Pulp is fiction so are the colour schemes. I think the idea of them searching for treasure to finance an(other) attempt at re-establishing The Romanovs is grounds enough.

 Baron Brasneki's Band 

Baron Boris Brasneki

Ludmilla the Killer
The Baron's Daughter

Ardaz Nayals
The Baron's Bodyguard and Physical Culture Enthusiast

 Symion Shetsov
Intelligence and Assassination