Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Gift

My dear old Strange Uncle Hugh sent me some stuff yesterday. He's a smashing old buffer and it seems he has even more Soviet stuff he no longer needs. Kit that will soon be in my sweaty paws!

He sent:

1 x Zis 3 a/t gun plus servants. So that's two guns plus maids and butlers. Nice!

3 x Metal tank commander types

2 x strips of metal bags, bedrolls and broomsticks

3 x metal loggy things

3 x sheets of Red Stars and Soviet tactical markings.

All in 1/72 &/or 1/76 scale

An impressive haul, Thank you, Uncle!


  1. Bedroll and broomsticks? Wasn't that a film?

    1. Are you thinking of Beauty and the T-34/85?

  2. Good show Uncle Hugh, he does not sound that strange to me James, in fact he seems rather sophisticated!

    1. Wait until you meet him, Paul. Actually he's a top bloke and old friend :-)