Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Grand Day Out

Went on an adventure with General Charles today. We had to pick some wargame figure moulds from a foundry in Yardley Birmingham and then deliver them to a manufacturer in Nottingham. We had great fun navigating our way over to Yardley and only got lost twice. The second time we consulted the A-Z and fixed our position which was, to be fair, only a few minutes drive away from the foundry. So, onto the A45 heading into the City Centre and there we were. Easy really.

We loaded the six boxes, fairly heavy too, into the motor and then back onto the A45 for the jaunt to Nottingham. Which we found quite easily by comparison. Luckily General Charles had been to the figure makers before. It's in an industrial unit complex just to the rear of the old Raleigh bikes factory in Lenton. This factory is now also home to a well known wargames figure manufacturer. In fact the place we delivered to is also pretty famous (NOT GW)

Lenton Business Centre Reception (there's a big clue!)

The staff were really nice and helpful and gave us a guided tour of their products including the new Osprey medieval skirmish rules. Which, at £12, are a bargain. Full of lovely Osprey plates of various medieval soldiers, knights and what-have-you. Also contains some army lists for the small forces you will need to have a game.

To be honest I was entranced by the volume of lovely figures they had in the unit. So much so that I bought some Pulp figures off them. After a drink and chat we set off back to Brum without getting lost. On the way back we had an in-depth discussion on the Battle of Naseby and why the 'Last Stand' of Rupert's Blew Coats didn't, couldn't, have happened. To find out why you'll have to wait for General Charles's new book.

All in all a grand day out!


  1. I love the idea of seeing first hand where my miniatures come from, but worried temptation would prove too great!

    1. Michael, you've spotted the problem we had! The self-restraint we exercised in not giving them our bank cards and PINs was heroic!

    2. The pulp miniatures are cool, lots of good gaming there