Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Brown & Black Shirts In The Desert


I've been working on this gang of state-sponsored n'er-do-wells for a while and finally, finally, finished them. Joy! So, what have we got then, Mr Tin? Well, what we have here is a group of Pulp German N*zis and one Italian F*scist. Four male figures and one female: Helga, She-Wolf of the EssEss.

Oberfuehrer Fritz von Toppgitz
The leader of the group. A tough street fighter and true believer. Nasty.

Hauptsturmfuehrer Hermann Kartofelnkopf
Assassin. Likes to point at his victims before doing them in. Brutal.

The gang's all here. 
LtoR: Kartofelnkopf, Untersturmfuehrer Helga Fuchs, von Toppgitz, 
Sturmbannfuehrer Horst Wurst (2i/c), Centurione Luigi Bartoletti of the MVSN

Somewhere in the desert searching, possibly in the wrong place, 
for powerful artefacts which may be lost or hidden.

 Can we get these crated up?

 Kartofelnkopf points; Helga & Bartoletti take aim. 
The senior officers sneer.

Aerial view. 
Note the truck and blue-fezzed chap behind the mini sphinx.

The figures are all Bob Murch Pulp figures. There was one head swap: the Italian head from the Empress Miniatures drivers set onto Bartoletti. All painted with Vallejo colours and varnished with Vallejo matt which is my new favourite thing. The Egyptian statues are resin jobs picked up in charity shops.



  1. How splendid, they even have blue eyes!

  2. Splendid figures...and presentation!

  3. Wow...very nice! And it's good to see Il Duce's reps out doing stuff. Can let the Germans have all the fun eh?