Thursday, 4 July 2013

Forgotten War Graves Remembered 3

On this day in 1947 Cpl Robert F Mills King's Shropshire Light Infantry died. Note the date:1947. Two years after WW2 but proof, if ever there was any needed, that British service men and women do not just die in world wars 1 and 2. I remember reading somewhere (Keegan's 'The Face of Battle?) that between 1900 and 1976, the book's publication year, that only in 1967 did no British service person die on operations. I would suggest from 1976 to 2013 that year remains unique.

I have no other information about Corporal Mills other than that stated below. What I can tell you is he died in service and was therefore entitled to a CWGC headstone. As before I've tidied up the grave site and left a simple floral tribute and card.

Corporal RF Mills
King's Shropshire Light Infantry
Died: 4th July 1947
Age: 24


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