Friday, 27 March 2015

Safari Of Death

General Charles came to visit today and between us we played out a Pulp Adventure. We used the rules Richard Lloyd provided in WSS Magazine a while ago. They fit on a postcard; use playing cards to decide initiative; use D6s; are super simple and above all are free!

General Charles took command of the safari while I ran the jungle horror. The plan for the safari was to make its way from the dock area, obtain The Item Of Great Value, survive and return to the dock area. Simple.

The Safari comprised five members:
1. Brad Sterling - Heroic Leader
2. 'Red' Mary Quintile - More Than Capable
3. Professor Septimus Quintile - Seeker of The Item Of Great Value
4. Tank Randlethrust - Big Game Hunter & Expendable Extra
5. Noble Spunkmeier - Dilettante & Expendable Extra

The Jungle Horrors include:
1. Pool of Certain Death
2. Dinosaurs
3. Angry tribesmen

Here we see The Film Crew capturing images of the safari's ship SS Venture and the squalor that is the Tarbooshian controlled outpost of Puerto Sucio.

The safari has set off through the gap between the two large, and impassable, hills. Known locally as El Paso De La Muerte Segura. In the far distance the group has attempted to cross a water course. Their movement has attracted a voracious T-Rex which is attacking them. The Film Crew shot it all.

Close-up of the water-hole fight. The heroes poured a fusillade of shots into the rampaging saurian. Which failed to stop its charge. The dino got into teeth-gnashing range and inflicted some hits on the party. The safari responded with even more bullets and down went the smashed and thrashing beast. PHEW!

The safari made more careful progress after the dino encounter and reached the statue without further incident, although they nearly stumbled into The Pool Of Certain Death (it's the funny looking thing between the statue and the green jungle piece).They were required to spend two turns at the statue to simulate their search for TIOGV (which they found). But look carefully. Is that a group of angry tribesmen in the bush there?

Of course it is. They can see the thieves at the statue and they aim to stop them and return TIOGV to its rightful place.

Battle in the bush! The tribesmen have let fly with a volley of arrows at our intrepid heroes. They take some hits but not enough to stop them blasting one of the tribesmen to death and mortally wounding one more. This breaks the morale of the locals....

....who flee for their lives. They hurtle away from the guns of the robbers but also away from the dinosaur that has been attracted by the noise. And this with the party of heroes so close to fortune and glory!  The monster has blocked the entrance to the Pass of Certain Death. As you do.

For about the first time in the game the saurian won the initiative and charged the safari. Hand-to-claw-to-teeth combat saw two of the party, Tank & Noble, go down in gouts of blood and guts as the angry dino lashed and gnashed about. Was this the end for our brave adventurers so close to safety?

Of course not. Brad and Mary give the monster the good news and knock it flat. We can see poor Tank and Noble down in the dirt.

The survivors return in triumph with TIOGV! Thankfully the main characters survived and the Expendable Extras did their job magnificently.

A really enjoyable game during which we had frequent breaks for coffee and pastries, lunch, then more coffee. The General said we must play another game in another Pulp location soon!

Updates as they happen, chumrades!


  1. Wonderful looking Game, James. I am most envious!

    1. Cheers, Col! You're welcome to a game if you're ever in town :)

  2. Enjoyed the Pulpy jungle adventure. Looking forward to more heroic exploits of the miniature kind.

  3. Great game - like the dinosaurs ! ,Tony

    1. Cheers, Tony. Got them from Wilko's: £1 each, hard plastic, fully painted.