Friday, 6 March 2015

Tarbooshian Police

Tarbooshians. You knew they'd pitch up eventually. It's inevitable really. This latest batch of metallic toy heroes are from Bob Murch - The Istanbul Constabulary set. Re-imagined in this case into The Tarbooshian Constabulary, pretty original I'm sure you will agree.I love this set, so many interesting figures; my favourite though is the chap sitting on the chair puffing on a hookah.The original set has 4 figures in it so I added the Peter Lorre look-a-like figure from the Sinister Spies set. He fits in very well.

The Nick
The cells are in the lower end on the right
You don't want to end up in them......

They keep the town of Oasis El Khazi safe

The Boys in Brown

The Detectives

I'm still working on names and back-stories for this group so I'll update as and when.

All the best!


  1. Fantastic! I love the paint jobs!

  2. Nicely Done James! Very atmospheric, and I don't mean the fumes from the Hookah! "I am here, free as the wind, fountain of extraordinary knowledge, splendidly corrupt and eager to be of profitable service".
    - Toady - Rope of Sand

    1. You, sir, are a mine of interesting and excellent stuff! Thank you :)

  3. Well done, love the minis and the buildings, great job!

  4. Very nice indeed. It's also nice to see someone else using "constabulary." My first force of lawmen is the "LPC" or "Logansport Constabulary." Love your Space Turks. They are enormously characterful.

    1. Thank you! I have recently finished a book about The Shanghai Municipal Police. A very interesting and colourful history to say the least. They may make an appearance at some stage.