Tuesday, 16 September 2014

French Foreign Legion Freelancers

You will recall, from 1999's 'The Mummy', that Rick O'Connell and Beni Gabor were the only FFL survivors from the Battle of Hamunaptra. Not so. Not only does a mounted officer escape, possibly, the debacle, so did three other members of the column; one officer and two Legionnaires. They were lucky enough to be on patrol at the rear of Hamunaptra looking for water and an entrance to the fabled treasure chamber they were sure lay within.

The mounted officer galloped past yelling 'Sauve qui peut!' and, being alert to their futures they did so. Mounting some baggage camels and setting off away from the shooting and yelling coming from their front. They were observed by the Medjai who decided to leave them to their collective fates. A thirsty, sandy death probably. Again, not so. They made it to Cairo, losing contact with the mounted officer along the way.......

Once in Cairo they knew there was no way back to The Legion, only punishment and disgrace waited for them there. Thus they elected to become freebooting guns-for-hire. The Pulp Universe allowed them to retain their uniforms and most of their kit; which was lucky.

From LtoR
Caporal Rincon-Grande
Capitaine D'Aramitz
Sergent Hartmann

Capitaine D'Aramitz joined la Légion Etrangere after graduating from military college. He served with distinction even giving up half an arm and one eye pour La Gloire de La Belle France. He is still deadly with a pistol though. He felt he was destined to become a Marshal of France. That was until he met the criminal adventuring dilettante - Rick O'Connell. He allowed M. O'Connell to seduce him with tales of spectacular wealth in some sand-swallowed hell hole called Hamunaptra. We know what happened. Capitaine D'Aramitz is a friend of Capitaine le Petit Filou who you will remember is serving with distinction with the Tarbooshian Army of Cultural Intervention in Anahuaco.

Sergent Hartmann is, according to his enlistment papers, a German. This may not be so but who are we to argue or question? He joined to escape unemployment and some vicious creditors and thus, he too fell under the spell of Hamunaptra. Seven years of unblemished service up in smoke. Still has his rifle with which he is pretty deadly.

Caporal Rincon-Grande. Possibly a Spaniard. Definitely a friend of Beni Gabor's and also the originator of the phrase 'You'll get yours, Beni!' Handy with a pistol and an aficianado of local clothing hence the fez, or tarboosh, gold armlets and native sandals.

None of them know that O'Connell and Gabor survived the massacre. Not yet anyway.........

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  1. Yes, very nicely done. What miniature line(s) contributed these fine fellows?

    1. Thank you, Col. They are the 'PLP581 Renegade Legionnaires' from Artizan Miniatures: http://artizandesigns.com/prod.php?prod=1632

      All the best :-)