Monday, 21 March 2016

On Cottages & Lighthouse Keepers

Regular readers of my irregular offerings may remember the cottages I wrote about late last year. They were plain ornaments for burning or some mysterious other function. I, however, spotted their potential and the other day they came to the top of the to-do list. 

I pondered on how to paint them: black Plastikote and then paint up from there? I decided to use the following scheme.
  1. I decided the walls looked absolutely fine as they were. The seated figures at the front of each cottage were chiselled gently away.
  2. The thatch was done with emulsion paints from tester pots: dark brown base and a lighter brown/yellow dry-brushed over it. 
  3. The chimney pots: Vallejo black base coat, dry brush grey then white. Once dry they were given an Army Painter wash. 
  4. The windows: Vallejo dark blue with a Vallejo pale blue highlight. I picked out the frames in a light grey.
  5. The front doors were constructed from coffee stirrers and matchsticks. Painted with a wash of watered down Vallejo grey. Then a watered down Army Painter wash.
 A Cottage

Cottages Rear View

Loading Contraband Or Unloading Supplies?

Lighthouse Len & Salty Sam

Len Close-up

The figures and vehicle are from several manufacturers. Lighthouse Len is descended from a long line of lighthouse keepers. His belief in the power of light is so strong he carries a permanently lit lamp at all times. Sam isn't a sailor, he does like plenty of sodium chloride on his grub though. Len and Sam work here of course.

All the best!