Friday, 15 March 2013

The Angels Wore Red

I've not been well the last few days. Managed, for months, to dodge all the flu & noro-virus malarkey all my friends have been laid low with but then I catch a cold! Bah!

You can tell I wasn't well while doing these Soviet air regiments. They look scruffy and at least one decal is hanging off the tail of the lend-lease Hurricane. Even the bases look poor to my streaming eye. The toys are all from Zvezda's 1/144 scale range for Art of Tactic. The LaGG-3 was a very poor aircraft despite its attractive lines. I was surprised that the Hurricane was quite noticeably larger than the LaGG and not much smaller than the Il-2. My favourite is, of course, the Sturmovik although even its combat performance was, apparently, propaganda enhanced. No matter, I weep for the toy Germans when they appear over the Megablitz battlefields.

Welcome to my new follower, kitnoob, I hope you enjoy what I do!


  1. Hello there! I certainly do enjoy your posts. :)

    Actually this post has given me an idea - I'm just finishing off some 1/144 planes myself and was not happy with the bases I had made, but I like yours so will pinch the idea for a grass bases stand instead.

    (I've also just used your 'Tarbooshians' as an inspiration for my fist FLW soldiers too!)

    1. OOOO ya big flatterer!

      Glad I've inspired you though :-)

      The pole for each a/c is plastic tubing. I drilled a hole in each a/c and then glued in a length of brass rod. I did the same in each base but glued the tube onto the base/rod. The a/c are thus detachable for easy storage.