Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Weekend

Phew! Quite a busy weekend just gone. And no modelling activity to speak of! True I'm afraid but don't worry I was having a good time.

Friday saw me make a last minute decision to go a dance in Nuneaton at the Co-Op's Social Club. Never been before, didn't know it existed in fact. It's an Art-Deco building which has been 'updated' but still retains many of it's original features. Sweeping staircases, high contrast colours, geometric forms and lots of metal. The dance floor was the best I've ever been on: slidy, zippy, bouncy it had it all. There were a number of my dance chums there so all was set for a splendid evening.

Except for the band. I've seen this with jazz bands before: play a tune; get everyone up on the floor; shuffle the sheet music for several minutes; everyone sits down; play a tune and repeat. MAKE A BLOODY PLAY LIST! The singer thought he was FrankSinatraDeanMartinBobbyDarin. He wasn't. Despite this we had a great time and I would definitely go back. Just get a better big band or stick with a DJ only.

The Band Doing A Sheet Music Shuffle

Strolling Is NOT Line Dancing. 
Except They Are Dancing.
In Lines


Saturday. Birmingham's Custard Factory hosted part of The Malvern Flea Market and its own monthly Vintage Market. It was a lovely sunny day and I spent it in the company of one of my lovely friends: Estelle. There were also several other friends we bumped into as well as visiting GingerMegs. We had a nice lunch in the café on site called Yumm. I scored a silk bow tie, I can tie bow ties hehe, and a pair of travel shoe stretchers.

GingerMegs Shop Front

Some Stalls Selling Stuff

Sunday. Sutton Coldfield Town Hall hosted its quarterly Vintage Market. Virginia of Gingermegs had asked me on Saturday if I could help her out. Of course I said yes. Her chap Edward was there also. We set the stall up and then waited for the deluge. It came not long after. V's merchandise is properly vintage and attracted her regulars but also lots of new customers. There was entertainment on the stage in the main hall from two rock'n'roll bands and also swing-dancing from two different classes. I scored a 1930s white dress scarf to go with my tuxedo. Three items may not sound a lot but trust me, for a bloke, it's a good haul! I went to bed at 9pm. Who would have thought working on a vintage market could be so exhausting?

Monday. Not a lot during the day, just grocery shopping. Monday night though is Lindy-Hop Class and we had several absolute beginners. One was V's best friend Sam and Estelle's brother, also Sam, as well as one of the traders from yesterday's market. As usual it was hard work, challenging but above all great fun. They all said they had enjoyed themselves and would be back.

GingerMeg's Looking Pleased Because......

.......She's Got New Dancing Shoes!

Estelle and her brother Sam

Estelle, Sam, Me, Sam & V seconds after the first class

A great weekend with some lovely people and mostly nice weather. More of the same please!


  1. Ever thought of gaming 1938 A Very British Civil War? I would go with the dancing a treat...

    1. As it goes I did start collecting stuff for AVBCW. It was fun at first but then a creeping orthodoxy started to come in. An attitude of 'You can't do this and you can't do that etc' So I sold off my stuff and did something else.

  2. What a shame ! Just ignore that creeping orthodoxy and get some figures I say! What faction did you collect?

    1. I had some late WW1 Germans and painted them up as Irish Army volunteers; some IRA figures painted as ordinary workers/returned IB from Spain (I never believed the story that returned IBers would come home with all their kit and weapons). I think I had some BUF types too.

  3. Rather different eye candy to the usual toy soldiers!