Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Simple Conversion

Last week ModelZone in Brum were having a clear out sale. Vastly reduced prices and a 3-for-2 offer. So I bought 6x 1/76 Matchbox Krupp-Protze, complete with Door-Knockers. £36 worth of toys for £7: bargainsome! So, having Sov'ed myself to exhaustion I'm now working on the Fritzes.

I have lots of German infantry already painted up so it's the vehicles I shall concentrate upon. In this case one of the Krupps is being turned into a mobile AA platform with a Zvezda 20mm AA cannon. The build is as per the box instructions with the addition of a platform over the seats for the gun to rest on.

Here's a thrilling progress pic:

I also went to BrumTown for some bits and bobs which included these toy vehicles. Both destined to serve in the Gitlerite armies.