Sunday, 24 March 2013

Strange Uncle Hugh.....

......has only gone and sent me a ton of loot to beef up my Soviet toy tank corps! An unbelievable haul of metal tanks, paints, modelling putty and sundry other items. All he asked in return was that I make a donation to The Poppy Appeal which I've done.

In no particular order:

1 x Churchill Tank
2 x T-34/76 Tanks
1 x SU-85 Tank Destroyer
1 x T-70 Tank
1 x T-38t Tank
1 x White Scout Car
1 x SU-76 SPG

All in 20mm scale.

Tankograd is already on double shifts!

9 Bottles of Vallejo paints

1 Bottle of Vallejo thinners

1 Tamiya weathering kit

1 Earth colour weathering pigment

1 bag of modelling putty

2 Bottles of decal solutuon

1 Bottle of brown ink/wash

Thanks, Uncle!


  1. Blimin'lucky sod. Good haul mate, and well done Uncle Hugh!