Friday, 1 March 2013


I've done a lot of dancing this week: three classes as of last night. To be honest I think I may be over doing it a little bit. My left Achilles tendon is a bit sore and it kept me awake all last night. I also had an argumentative follower to dance with last night. The maxim in swing-dance, as in any kind of partner dance, could have been coined by Stalin himself: FOLLOW THE LEADER. Don't stop dead in the middle of a move because it didn't follow the pattern you think it should. Follow the leader.

Anyway, talking of Stalin one's thoughts turn automatically to my ongoing Megablitz project. Which, as Tim Gow hinted at, is taking on a life of its own. My initial plan was to have two Soviet Rifle Corps, one Soviet Tank Corps and one Soviet Artillery Division. I think it will be bigger than that. And then there's the Germans. At least I'm  the leader...........

Here's some pictures of the latest toys to roll off the production line:

Revell's M16. Built straight from the box as an AA Regiment for one of the tank corps. A fairly straightforward kit. No single track link nonsense here. Undercoated in black; painted with Vallejo Russian Olive Green; weathered with Revell Earth Brown & Vallejo Dark Sand. The red stars are 20mm Hinchcliffe I got from ebay. The cover over the cab is a piece of brown paper envelope cut to fit and then painted with a mix of Vallejo Russian Uniform and white glue. The whole piece was then washed with GW Dervlan Mud. I use cork tiles to base my toys. I found the tiles placed outside a neighbour's house for disposal. I decided their future lay in other directions besides landfill. The base is painted earth brown; the toy glued on with it's magnetic square. Once dry I paint white glue on the base and shuffle the toy in my flock box. Spray of matt varnish and done.

1/76 Fujimi T-34/85. Built straight from the box as a Soviet tank brigade. Painted and based exactly the same as the M16. The tracks were a right bugger to get on. In the end I used lots of glue and cocktail sticks to wedge them in place. I tend to leave off stuff like headlights, aerials, AA HMGs and the like. They're fiddly and pointless given that I want these toys to play Megablitz and Crossfire with. Not exhibit them. Some may disagree and that's completely fine; I'm not changing.

Finally some pictures of the queue for the workbench:

Su-85 Tank Destroyer Regiment and Matchbox LOG truck with tilt frame in place.

Hanomags & Tank Destroyers

I've got some Italian stuff too............


  1. Great progress James and stay off the dancefloor for a bit!

    The T34/85 looks to be a Fujimi 1/76 kit which is a quite lovely piece of plastic.

    Most impressive work mate.

  2. Cheers, Paul, that's good advice :-)

    Fujimi, yes! Bang on the money there and thank you very much for your kind words too!

    All the best