Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Gift From America

My friend Virginia has returned recently from a vintage clothing buying visit to USA. I understand her haul was considerable and even includes some menswear. While there she spotted a metal figure which she brought back as a gift for yours truly. It is clearly an old toy soldier that has seen hard service. I'm pretty sure he's a Dime Store figure and probably made during WW2. Following the events of the last few days I have to say it was a delightful surprise and a sign of true friendship. I'm a lucky fellow alright!

I wonder if The Grand Tarboosh is hiring experienced toy soldiers at the moment?...........

Welcome to new blog follower Haarken. He runs three blogs and all of them are a good read and full of ideas including baked goods!

Pip, pip!


  1. He looks like a jolly chap! What sort of scale is he?

    1. Hi Tim, he's 70mm from base to top of his lid.

  2. Hi James, this figure was made by the Barclay Manufacturing Co. of New Jersey USA, they were the biggest producer of toy soldiers in the US and were in business from about 1924 until 1971. Between 1942/45 the factory turned over to war work, your figure is known as a "pod foot" because of the distinctive base and these were made from 1950 until the firm closed in 1971, in their catalogue he is described as "988 Soldier, Marching w/Gun on Back".

    The khaki uniform dates him to the 1950's as the colour was updated to green in 1961. These figures are termed Dimestore even though nearly all of Barclays production was sold through Woolworths.

    Just thought you might be interested, best wishes, Brian

    1. Many thanks, Brian, that's a brilliant bit of info there!

      All the best