Thursday, 25 April 2013

MegaBlitz Sitrep

That nice Mr Gow has sent me a copy of the MB rule book. Which I have read several times and am now gagging to take part in an MB battle.

I've decided that the period 1939-1942 is the most fruitful in terms of armies good, bad and indifferent. The chance to field utterly crap tank units in simple block colours was too hard to resist, so I didn't.

The Soviet artillery division is nearing completion. All is in place save a High Power Artillery Regiment and LOG tractor. I think Irregular Minis & FrontLine will be my friends here. I'll post up some pictures of the toys tomorrow. The second Soviet tank corps is also nearly done. Sporting a mix of medium and light tanks I think it looks quite the 1941. 

The 1940ish German infantry division has its three infantry regiments in place plus a horsedrawn LOG column. The 1940ish German panzer division is coming along nicely: pictures below.

Milling about waiting for a start date are my BEF and French toys. Updates as they happen!

Polarina Oil Seconds Before The Hostile Wehrmacht Takeover

1940ish Pz Div (part)

Back Row R-L: POL Column, Pz Abt 1, Pz Abt 2, Motor Inf Bn 1, Motor Inf Bn 2
Front Row R-L: A/T Battalion, A/T Bn LOG, AA Battalion

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