Thursday, 14 November 2013

Western Desert Force #3

Tonight's offering is part two of 7th Armoured Division: the 'teeth' arms. I have split the toys into two groups: armour and support. I have scattered Caunter Camouflage Scheme throughout the division. 4 Armoured Brigade gets the most because its brigadier was Caunter himself. The division had two armoured brigades in 1940 - 4th and 7th and a recce group:

7 Arm Div Armoured Troops:

Recce/Engineer  Group:

Back Row: 2 & 141 Fd Sqns RE
Front Row:11th Hussars, 2 Sqn RAF
The carrier and Rolls Royce - Frontline Wargaming, Humber Recce Car - SHQ
(1st King's Dragoon Guards didn't join until 1941)

4th Armoured Brigade:

LtoR: 7th Queens Own Hussars, 6 RTR, 2 RTR.
MkVI -Airfix, A10s - Frontline 

Close up of 6 & 2 RTR

7th Armoured Brigade:

LtoR: 3rd King's Own Hussars, 7th King's Royal Irish Hussars, 7th RTR
MkVIs - Airfix & S-Models, A10 - Frontline

The structure of this British division is fascinating. It is quite clear they are aping the German model but also know that the unit is in a state of flux. The Support Group typifies this thinking. No Motorised Infantry here, no that's for later in the war. They are not even sure about how much infantry and artillery should be used to properly support the tanks. It's all very as hoc and that is the essential appeal of the early war period for me. The chaos. Thus:

7th Armoured Division Support Group:

Back Row: 3 A/T Regt RHA + LOG, 106 AA Regt RHA
Front Row: 2 The Rifles, 1 KRRC, 4 Fd Regt RA + LOG

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  1. Great collection there James, I quite like some of the Frontline stuff too

    1. Nice one, Al. The Frontline stuff, despite the odd bubble mark, is very good and also a reasonable price.