Monday, 23 September 2013

Transports & Markers

Hello all, been absent for a few days but I've been working hard to progress WDF(Toy). First up is some Brigade Transport. According to Megablitz, and the actual TOEs of British Infantry Divisions, each of the component brigades, usually three, had enough lift capacity for, well, everyone. This is splendid because it means that the British are completely motorized. Less splendid is the use of soft-skin trucks instead of beefy armoured ones. Still you can't have everything.

As per my own Terms of Reference I have ignored the slavery of scale and gone for the Zvezda option for the brigade transports. Thus one 15mm scale Matador truck model is capable of shifting three battalions. I wanted a slick way of representing the upload of troops so I've gone for Markers: a single infantry figure with a number written on the steel paper base. This Marker will be placed upon a magnetic square on the back of each Matador when the Brigade goes Mobile, Retreat or Transit. The toy troops will be removed from the board and then replaced when the time to de-bus arrives: probably three buses at once; just like in real life.

The pictures:

Trucks DeLuxe

Markers: Finest

Markers: Value

There are three 'jokes' in today's blogplop which, probably, only Brits will get. For that I apologise. For using a mix of scales to achieve my objective I do not ;-)


  1. Looking good there James, The Zevezda trucks look quite good, pity they aren't 1/72

    1. Thanks, Al! I agree it is a shame they're not 1/72; they're so easy to put together they'd be a real winner.