Saturday, 26 December 2015

A New Book At Christmas Time

I received this book as part of of my Christmas box this year. It's the only wargaming/history based item I ws given as well. I'm not ungrateful, in fact the other stuff is fab it's just not wargamey.

This isn't a review, I got it only yesterday, merely my first impressions. It's hardback with dust jacket, 1st edition and 393 pages not including the bibliography and index. It's also very heavy. The book is divided into seven chapters starting in 1894 with the Sino-Japanese War and ending in 1949 with the Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War. Maybe there's Volume 2 on the way? The book appears to be full of illustrations: colour and BW. A quick flick through shows dozens of photographs I have never seen before. I have one other book by the author: Osprey's 'The Mexican Revolution 1910-1920' in which he makes a pretty good fist of explaining that kaleidoscopic war. I am very much looking forward to reading 'China's Wars 1894-1949' by Philip Jowett.

Front Cover

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  1. Replies
    1. Among the dozen titles he's done for Osprey are three on Chinese Forces from 1840 to 1949.

    2. Splendid bit of info, Edwin, many thanks!