Thursday, 1 November 2012

Esteam Tarbooshia's Might, Anahuaco!

As promised I've finally got around to photographing and uploading the rest of the Tarbooshian steam landships. To avoid an arms race I've adhered to them being artillery tractors and not gun tanks. I'll leave that for the band of brigands to sort out!

Charity shops really are rich in potential. The two prime movers shown below were both found in the unwanted and unsellable items box and both snapped up for pennies. They scale in quite nicely with my other 54mm toys. Not that I would have cared a damn anyway. It's the look of the thing I'm after and they sure got the look. Charity shops, little do they know they are the new FLW arms dealers.

The LH tractor started life as some kind of Massey Ferguson tractor malarkey. I sawed off the engine block, sanded down the deck and fitted towing gear to front and rear. Then washed, primed, painted and varnished. Eagle eyed readers will notice that there are two types of green paint thus perverting the Four Colour Theorem. This happened due to battle damage repair parties not having the correct shade and does not detract from the unit's efficiency.

The RH tractor's funnel was missing and its forward axle was damaged. Once repaired it was given the same lavish workshop treatment as its fellows. Note also the rather neat tarpaulins covering the bullet boxes. Once again HSH The Grand Tarboosh extends his grateful thanks to Miss Clarice Cliff for her sterling work on our camouflage schemes. Miss Cliff has been awarded The Golden Septum 1st Class for her work on our steam landship fleet.

On with the motley!

Glorious & Courageous!

To The Front!

HSH Landship Şanli





Garden wargames are going to be exciting next spring. And over winter if I can find a local opponent and a large floor area. I live in hope!

That's all for except to say HELLO! to two new, and most welcome, blog followers: Jim Duncan & Bob Cordery. Bob's blog is a treasure trove of stuff. Jim's blog  ain't bad either. Go and have a look this very instant! 

All the best!


  1. I love both the concept and the colour schemes you have chosen.

    All the best,


  2. Thank you very much, Bob!

    Best regards

  3. The landships look just the ticket.
    best wishes

  4. Birmingham to Sheffield is only an hour and a half......

  5. Thank you very much, Alan. Was that a pun? If so, I like it, if not ;-)

  6. Tim,
    I'd be coming by train so my carrying capacity would be a bit limited. Worth thinking about though, nice one!