Thursday, 5 September 2013

4th Indian Infantry Division #2

I've been working hard on my Western Desert Force (Toy) and their Italian opponents as well as fitting in a visit to Partizan last Sunday which yielded some rather good toys for both the British and Italians.

As you know I did some head-swapping to yield my Indian battalions. These were then painted up and British battalions were also added to make up the three infantry brigades of this formidable division. I have also finished the Divisional HQ and Royal Signals.

I took the pictures tonight out in the garden. The garden is still in a semi-wild state and there was something big and grunty meandering about. This explains the slightly shaky nature of some of the pictures.......

The Divisional HQ & Signals:

Dodgy Royal Signals Truck & Gallant Divisional CO 
With Bodyguards And Austin Tilley

The Brigades:

5th Indian Infantry Brigade
LtoR: 4th/6th Rajputana Rifles, 3rd/1st Punjab Regt., 1st Royal Fusiliers

11th Indian Infantry Brigade
LtoR: 4th/7th Rajput Regt., 1st/6th Rajputana Rifles, 2nd Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

16th British Infantry Brigade
LtoR: 1st Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 2nd Leicester Regt., 1st Queen's Royal Regt.

The figures are a mix of Hat, Revell and Zvezda. The vehicles are a Corgi Austin Tilley and a bodged conversion of a dirty die-cast Matador truck. All are based on foamcore. The 'flocking' is a base of PVA and some cheap emulsion mixed together and daubed on. I then sprinkled a mix of budgie sand and grit on to the bases. Leave to dry and dab of dry brushing on the rocks. Figures painted with a 4" brush by me.



  1. Very impressive outcome James. Awesome work!

  2. Nice one mate, great collection of figures