Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Western Desert Force #2

I've been away for longer than I thought, far longer. I have been working on my version of the Western Desert Force but also doing lots of other things, some of which included real life stuff. Anyways I can report great success on all fronts including the completion of O'Connors' gang of reprobates.

As always I have used toys from a variety of manufacturers. Most of whose models are first class but there are one or two who incurred my displeasure as to the quality, fit and ease of construction of their product. These were a minority thankfully; only occasionally did I reach for a hammer........

I've broken the force down into four parts: HQ & Artillery and Armour & Support Group. Today's offering is the HQ plus corps assets and the corps artillery. The WDF had a LOT of artillery. I imagine to compensate for the lack of infantry but also because the British artillery was consistently excellent. Gotta feel sorry for those Italians.

The pictures:

Front Row: HQ tank, Staff & Signals, 7RTR, 5Fd Sqn RE
Back Row: RASC LOG Column, RASC POL Column, 37AA Regt RA

Close up of HQ and Signals

Side Views of 7RTR and 5Fd RE

37AA Regt RA and LOG Vehicle

WDF Artillery Regiments
Front Row: 64 Med Regt RA, 1& 104 Fd Regts RA
Back Row: 7 Med Regt RA, 51 Fd Regt RA
LOG Vehicles: Morris Quads & Light Dragon

Close Up 7 Med Regt (6" Guns)

Close Up 64 Med Regt (4.5" Guns)


  1. Nice execution on these James.The bases look superb.

    1. Thank you, Paul, much appreciated. The bases are foam core. I do a base coat of some sandy type colour from a cheap matchpot. Then I mix pva with a slightly different sandy colour. With a cheap artists brush I then 'paint' the mix on. I have a box of mixed budgie sand and gravel, with a scoop, I then ladle the sand/gravel mix onto the base. Tap the bottom a couple of times to get the excess sand back in the box and then allow to dry. Highlight if required. Done.