Friday, 18 April 2014

1940ish Italian Armoured Division

In line with my policy of vagueness where dating of units is concerned I have finally completed the build of this Megablitz unit. Well, it is Easter time after all. As is well known Italian armoured divisions of WW2 did not have the best kit compared to their erstwhile allies the Germans. This is, however, irrelevant unless you're a Fl*mes of W*r groupie and love only heavy armour and big, bigger, biggest guns. I'll stick with the tin tanks and dodgy organisations of '39-'42. Unless someone's putting on a late war game and then I'm in. I know, I know.....

Anyways here's the pics I've kept you waiting for. To be fair some of the toys have appeared elsewhere on this blog but this is the first time the entire unit has been on parade. The division is also very well equipped compared to the historical versions. I can give and I can take away.

Division In A Box
Divisional Artillery Regiments: Field, AA & AT
Divisional LOG & POL
Divisional Recce Battalions
Divisional Bersaglieri Battalions & Transport
Division On Parade

Happy Easter!

PS: Welcome to new blog follower Michael Awdry whose blog on 28mm Victorian Wargaming is utterly splendid! Don't take my word for it, go and have a look yourself.


  1. Glad to be aboard and splendid additions to the motor pool! A very Happy Easter to you too.