Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Parcel From The Other Side Of The World

Today I received, from that estimable gent Paul F, a rather splendid bit of post! It contained a cool tee-shirt badged with an RNZAF roundel and in the right size - good guess, chumrade! But that wasn't all, oh no. The piece de resistance was a glorious kit for a Mk 1 Grant tank in 1/72. I'm already looking forward to building this particular toy once the Italians are sorted.

Thank you, chumrade!

A T-Shirt

A Mk1 Grant


  1. Glad to see it arrive James. You honestly did me a favour by taking the M3 as I have build one of Mirage's T-26's and I do not want to go through that nightmare again!

    Model on!