Tuesday, 1 April 2014

On Radios & AA Guns

I'm back from a month long doss-about doing anything but blogging. I haven't been entirely plastic-idle though, you'll be delighted to hear!

I have completed the Radio Truck and AA Regiment of Divisione Ariete which now just leaves a couple of battalions of Bersaglieri to knock together and it's done! And so am I, with Megablitz units at least. Fear not though, Dear Reader, I've been attracted to a new 'Bright-Shiny-Thing' after reading the latest issue of WSS magazine. What is it? Well, all I'll say is it REALLY caught my interest and involved blood suckers.

So, what about these Megablitz units then.The first model is the divisional AA regiment. It comprises the Cannone 90/53 mounted upon a Lancia truck.A pretty deadly AA and AT gun which was built in insufficient numbers for the real war but which makes an imposing and a pretty deadly model.

AA Regiment Deployed For Action

As Above But From The Other Side

Regular Checks Are Vital In The Desert

"Up 20 & Left a bit!"
Ammo Supply Is Essential

 The second unit is the Divisional Radio Unit. Represented not by any old Italian radio wagon, no sir. What we have here is an early example of Italienisch-Deutsche Freundschaft in the form of an Opel ambulance being re-imagined into Un Camion di Radio. Nice.

It's been finished in the now traditional Vallego Green Ochre. The camo pattern is Sand & Cabbage. The vehicle had a watered down wash of brown Army Painter slapped on and allowed to dry. The camo net is a piece of bandage. I soaked it a water and Vallejo Desert Sand for a short while. Dried it out on a radiator and then gently pulled the weave a bit more open. The net supports are cocktail sticks which are little thick. I've now found something which would have been better and which will appear under future camo nets. I used white glue and patience to fix the net in place. Once dry I applied Cabbage with Vallejo German Uniform. Once dry i dry brushed everything with Vallejo Buff. 

Nets Out, Doors Open, Tuned In, Coffee On
Parked Up, Trees of Oasis el Khazi in the background
Close-Up Of Man Working
Close-Up of Man Sitting On A Box Reading A Newspaper

Laters Taters!

PS Welcome to new blog followers Andrew GiffordWargaming Pastor The Mad Padre. Peace be with you.


  1. Freaking impressive work James!

    Bloody awesome!

  2. Excellent work, really splendid, love the paint job, the camo and the base!

    1. Phil, thank you very much! It's a real pleasure that you, and other chumrades, enjoy my work. Thank you :)

  3. Nice use of a cam net to set the piece off.

    Regards, Chris.

    1. Thank you, Chris. I've since found something better for the tent poles: plastic bristles off an old yard brush.

      All the best!

  4. Beautiful work, the cannone is really great. I want one in 28mm.