Saturday, 28 June 2014

HotT Battle Report: The Army of King Richard 1381 v The Army of The Peasants' Revolt 1381

Went to visit my friend General Charles last Thursday and we got in a couple of games of HotT. He's played DBA before so had a good idea of what to do.

First battle was between The Army of Richard (AofR) and The Army of The Peasants' Revolt (PR). We sorted out the terrain and ends and then set up the toys. Charles defended with AofR and I attacked with PR.

AofR defending a nice church. PR looking impressively big

Gap opens in AofR line. Tactical apparently ;-)
PR advancing steadfastly

More advancing. More troop shuffling.

Battle is joined. 
As before PR Hordes coming off second best

AofR Lurker attacks PR Hordes
PR Paladin drives off AofR Warband
AofR Shooters & Knights advancing in a flank-threatening manner

PR Hordes cause AofR Lurker to flee off the field
AofR Knights turn while AofR Sneaker wombles about a bit
AofR Shooters bring The Good News to PR Hordes

The other side of the battlefield
As you can see most of the PR Hordes are now gone 
to a better place led by the PR Flyer.
I can't remember the exact numbers of PR dead but it was getting on for half.

PR Paladin recoiled the AofR Knights 
and made a brave charge on the AofR Stronghold......
.....but failed to reach it.
The PR Hero General finds itself bereft of support.
AofR Magician just killed people without magic.

The End.
Definitely more than half of PR dead now.

Quite a comprehensive win for AofR. General Charles handled his army very well and now knows how best to use a Sneaker. As for PR I got carried away with my Flyer (ie didn't use it properly) and, as usual, my Hordes died in droves. Some poor PIPs didn't help either. I think that a re-classification of some Hordes to Warband will give PR a more bitey edge. 



  1. Now that looked like good fun, love the no nonsense approach to the set up, the game been the priority - bravo Sir.

    1. Why thank you and yes, it was great fun! Well, it was fun for The Forces of Reaction at any rate.....The game's the thing after all ;-)