Monday, 30 June 2014

HotT Battle Report: The Army of The Nutcracker v The Army of The Mouse King

Here's the second AAR of the two games played by General Charles and myself here on 26th June 2014.

As before we used Kaptain Kobold's terrain generator and did all the usual setting up admin. Once more General Charles defended, with The Army of The Nutcracker (NC), whilst I attacked with The Amy of The Mouse King (MK).

The Armies deployed under a god-like finger

MK line advances to contact....

...And loses 3 Warbands for 1 dead NC Blades & a fled NC Sneaker
NC Artillery proving deadly.
Seen worse.

This encounter proved horrific for the MK Warbands
Told you I'd seen worse

Some NC casualties
Dunno why they're still on table.

Some more NC casualties. Still on table.
The battle was fairly see-sawing at this point
Both NC & MK were rapidly approaching their casualty break-points
But who would break first?

NC Sneaker manages to pirouette through the lines
MK Warbands marching on the NC Stronghold
MK casualties on the right. 
Off the pitch as befits a Plain Honest Dealing General like MK

The End
NC 13 - MK 10

Rosie & Freddy declared the whole thing a triumph 
in return for a walk and a bit of cake.



  1. From the Headquarters of General Charles - "As the defeated general, I was clearly robbed on a deserved victory. My opponent, Rat boy Cotgrave used a deadly mix of cunning, gile and downright subterfuge to deny me, the goody for once victory. I shall be avenged. Both Rosie and Freddy who watched events had reservations about the outcome, and are holding a terrier stewards inquirey."

  2. From the Headquarters of General MK - 'Zippit'.