Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Career In Korea 1

With Christmas and New Year consigned to the dustbin I was at something of a loose end. So, I went exploring and I found yet another abandoned project in another forgotten cupboard. This project must have happened around 2010 and the 60th Anniversary of The Korean War. A quick look at the bookshelves confirmed my possession of Max Hasting's book The Korean War and a number of films which are set in that war. The Hunters, The Bridges At Toko-Ri, Pork Chop Hill and my favourite: A Hill In Korea.

All of the films tell good stories with believable characters. They are also full of wargaming suggestions, possibilities and ideas. Noteworthy is the 'friendly fire' incident in A Hill in Korea.

Anyway back to my find. First onto the bench was a box of IMEX 1/72 Chinese PLA troops. The box contains a large number of dead, dying or surrendering figures. I decided that most of them would be found work in the ranks. Three became machine gun loaders, one became a political officer and one was given a rifle and placed in a rifle platoon.The remaining three dead were turned into disordered/pinned markers for Crossfire.

Once painted and based I organised the toys into a PLA infantry company based and organised for the Crossfire rule-set.I found this site invaluable: Steve's Balagan. Light on heavy weapons but with plenty of man-power for the human-wave assault. The first platoon is armed with SMGs, A/T Bombers and LMG. The other three platoons are rifle armed with supporting LMG. From what I can gather the Chinese used a massive variety of weapons including kit left over from WW2 especially Japanese stuff.

Here are the toys:

2nd Company

Company HQ 1

Company HQ 2

1st Platoon/ 2nd Company 1

1st Platoon/2nd Company 2

2nd Platoon/2nd Company
Note the A/T grenades and petrol bombs!

3rd Platoon/2nd Company

4th Platoon/2nd Company

Close-up Company CO & Political Officer
Note Politically Conscious Bugle Boy of Chinese People's Volunteers in Korea.

Pinned Markers

Next on the bench: freedom loving RoK troops. (Still WIP I'm afraid)

All the best!

PS Welcome to newest blog follower Baconfat. I've had a look at his blog and, well, WOW!


  1. Fine work here James. Often overlooked the Korean war provides lots of scope for some fine game settings.

    Nicely painted and based, I look forward to the 'Good guys' next.

    Well done.

    1. Cheers, Paul, much appreciated!


  2. Love the pinned markers and the political officer!

  3. Great looking figures you have there.

    1. Thank you! I'm quite pleased with them too :-)

  4. Oh no! You've gone and reminded me about my forgotten Korean War project.....

    1. It's what I do, Mr Gow, it's what I do........ ;-)

  5. Beautiful work, especially for 1/72. the pinned markers are a bit disturbing.

    1. Cheers, BF! I guess they are a little but why shy away from it? War's bloody horrible ;)