Friday, 25 January 2013

Megablitz Continues.........

I love Zvezda's Art of Tactic toys. They're such good value at less than £3 for a crewed 1/72 scale artillery piece or 1/144 scale combat aircraft it's got URRAH! written all over it. So much so that I went a bit mad today and bought this lot:

  • 2 x 76mm Infantry Guns
  • 1 x 45mm Anti-Tank gun
  • 1 x M-16 Quad AA
  • 1 x LAGG-3
  • 1 x Hurricane Mk1
  • 1 x Infantry
The 1st Westmidlandsgorsk Front grows in strength daily at its Birmingrad headquarters! Tremble in your nest of evil, fascist vipers, for vengeance is coming!


  1. Great haul James! The aircraft are particularly well worth the price I think.

    1. Cheers, Paul! I'm really looking forward to making them up.