Monday, 15 July 2013

Rules For Loco Loco

Or should I say the development hell that is rules for Loco Loco at the moment.

Loco Loco (Crazy Locomotive) or Maquina Loco (Crazy Machine) is the name given to the tactical use of steam trains as, well, missiles during The Mexican Revolution. The idea being that you load a wagon car with explosives, attach it to a locomotive and then drive it a full speed into the enemy position. When it worked the results could be both spectacular and bloody. It didn't always work as planned. Sometimes the fuze was badly timed and caused the explosives went off prematurely. Sometimes the train crew fled well before impact necessitating an armed guard to keep them on message. Occasionally the defenders were able to change the points and divert the train elsewhere.

So taking that into consideration this is what I've got so far:

1. It's a mobile bomb: derailment, diversion, boiler explosion?
2. Crew morale?
3. Blast effect on the enemy/target?
4. Speed of loco loco: from standing start to how many squares at full speed?
5. Premature explosion of the dynamite?

I'll have a play around with these ideas and get something on paper soonest. Any other suggestions most welcome!


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