Monday, 22 July 2013

Forgotten War Graves Remembered 5

On this day in 1943 Private Samuel G Woodcock of The Pioneer Corps died. CWGC has no record of Sam so I've contacted them to try and get him properly registered. The Pioneers or Chunkies were considered a bit second rate as troops and yet they fought bravely during The Battle of France and then throughout the remainder of WW2. Pioneers gained many UK gallantry awards as well as medals from Allied nations. 2,800 of them died during WW2, Sam Woodcock being one of them.

Sam is interred with his beloved wife Phyllis. It is clear they were a devoted couple. Phyllis passed away less than ten years after Sam and now they are together. As before, the church has finally cut the bloody grass, I tidied up their grave and left a small floral tribute. White flowers for Sam and pink roses for Phyllis.

14341948 Private 
Samuel G Woodcock
Pioneer Corps
Died 22nd July 1943
Aged 29
Labor vincit omnia.

All the best.


  1. nice touch with the two colour Roses you are doing a sterling job, will check my local war graves in Kent in addition to PO Mudie in Surrey. One grave which isn't a war grave but has military connections in Herne Bay is the famous Victorian military artist Simkin, I will tidy that up next time I'm over there