Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SAEAE Battle Report #1 ¡Mata Los En Sangre Caliente!

Today I set up and ran a solo game using Kaptain Kobold's rule-set for The Mexican Revolution: 'Struggle Against Everything And Eveybody (SAEAE)'. The figures and buildings are from that wonderful site The Junior General. The board is 2 foot square and gridded one side; t'other is blank for games of HotT.

So, Tin-Head, what's with the rather violent title? Well, it means: 'Kill them in hot blood' or to put into English: 'Kill them in cold blood'. The game is set during the period of The Revolution after Victoriano Huerta seized power and then allied himself with Pascual Orozco and his Colorados. Los Colorados were double traitors having fought against Madero and then sided with Huerta. Consequently they were seldom, if ever, taken prisoner.

So, the game set up. I decided that given their circumstances Los Colorados would fight to the death and also be considered elite troops; giving them an extra Morale Point. They are defending a hacienda and the surrounding area. There are 3 Colorado infantry units, 1 Colorado HMG unit. They are supported by 1 unit each of Huertista infantry and Artillery. The Huerta troops are below average and will collapse after 2 MP are gone.

The Constitutionalistas are from Villa's El Division del Norte, not commanded by The Great Man himself. They consist of 4 infantry units and 4 cavalry units. A supporting column of 3 infantry units and 1 HMG unit are en route and will arrive from the north, ie from behind Los Colorados from turn 5. All Villista troops are rated normal for MP.

The board itself. In the SE corner peons' dwellings and fields. NE corner is a hill with the Huertista artillery unit. Between these 2 points is a wooded area. Dominating the battlefield is the hacienda. Two large buildings, a church and a large, partially walled, area of cultivation.

North is the RH edge. Villistas along the southern edge. Colorados dug in around the hacienda.

Turn 1 Initiative: Villistas (Red), Colorados (Green). The Colorados decide to sit tight and initiative passes to the Villistas. The Villistas roll for their infantry first and activate one unit which hares off up the table towards the peons' adobes. 

The gallant and not at all impetuous advance by the lone Villista infantry unit. They took their full move and halted opposite the Colorados, who are, despite being elite, are bricking it, in the adobes and soft cover of the fields. Combat imminent!

On the the Villistas western flank two of the four cavalry units were activated. They also advanced their full movement towards the Colorados. They came to rest on the western edge of the wooded area. Foolish because they assumed the woods to be empty. As it turned out they were right this time.

To be continued.......


  1. Oooh! Someone else playing my game! I shall look forward to more of this.

    A year ago I was looking at changing some of the rules for this (I think I did a blog post on it, but never pursued it any further). I shall have to look at my ideas again.

    Update: And here they are - http://hordesofthethings.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/saeae-possible-changes.html

    I love that you're using the same paper figures and building I used as well :)

    1. It's that very amended set I'm using, Alan! Stay tuned for more toy bloodshed!!!

    2. The separate Firepower/Morale values? That's brilliant. I haven't tested them yet myself :)

    3. That's the one. They seem to be working fine. I, however, am getting carried away and forgetting to do Initiative Rolls. I like the idea of morale or will to fight collapsing long before a unit's firepower reduces to zero.