Wednesday, 10 July 2013

SAEAE Battle Report #2 ¡Lleva Ningún Prisionero!

......The revolution is continuous. After a galloping start to the game things continued at the same breathless pace in the subsequent turns of what is promising to be a ferocious toy battle!

Initiative is won by the Villistas. They take it and press home their attack. The dice are in their favour for activation too. First the infantry decide to pour rifle fire onto the Colorados. Unfortunately for the Villistas.....

.....A combination of elitism, being dug-in and great dice throwing sees the Villistas shot-up. And driven back one square. Careful now, you'll be off the board! I found a bag of coloured tiddlywinks and thought I'd use a traffic light system to show the collapse of a unit's morale. So, 1 green for the Villistas.

The Villistas managed to activate one further Infantry unit. Fired with revolutionary zeal they advanced boldly into contact with the Colorados. The Villista cavalry also benefited from good die rolls and three of the four units were able to move forward. The extreme left unit is almost at the church where a nasty surprise awaits them. The other two cavalry units move up to one square from the wood. Those Colorados in the adobes must surely be feeling the pressure by now!

I may or may not have rolled for Initiative at this point. 

The Villistas must have won the dice roll for Initiative, if it happened. The Colorados suffered a colossal amount of rifle fire which resulted in 2 MP leaking away and their being driven from their positions in the fields and into the adobes. 

At this point the Huertista artillery decided to get in on the action and landed a hit >BOOM!< square on the Villistas close to the edge (no Yes jokes please!).

 Toy bodies all over the place and one more MP gone west! Despite taking hits hatred of Los Colorados keeps them in the fight!

It's not over yet...........

Hello to new arrival Maximex! Thanks for following me!

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