Monday, 29 July 2013

Train Of Thought #2

Well, I had a sit down and a think about how a loco-loco could be used in SAEaE. This jumbled stream of consciousness is what I've got so far:

Loco Loco

1.       A one-off event: ie once per game only and only in games where there is a track.

2.       Attacking Player declares his intention.

3.       Place loco loco on track on his baseline

4.       Throw 1D6 each time attackers have initiative: move that number of squares

5.       Loco-Loco not subject to activation but does count against number of units attacker can move each turn. EG if attacker rolls 2 on 1D6 then 1 unit plus the train can move.

6.       Train continues until it strikes target area or is de-railed.

7.       Defender can place mines on track: throw 1D6: 1,2 = 2 mines, 3,4 = 1 mine, 5,6 = 0 mines

8.       Place mines on track: marker of some kind

9.       If train passes over mine throw 1D6: 1,2,3 mine triggered; 4,5,6 mine failed.

10.  If mine triggered throw 1D6 to see if train derails or is going fast enough to jump the gap: 1,2,3 Jumps;          4,5,6 Derailed.

11.    If derailed throw 1D6 to see if explosives detonate. If explodes then damage occurs as in 12.

  12.   On contact with target train automatically explodes and all units within 1 square/3 hits, 2 squares/2 hits,           3 squares/1 hit. Hits apply to attacking and defending forces. No saves.

I will do some play-testing on this lot and report back.



  1. Interesting; a sort of totally random mini-game.

    Look forward to the playtest

    1. That's right, Alan, and I think it will be very exciting for those involved. The randomness also reflects the loco nature of the whole business ;-)