Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Une Bataille Perdue? Partie 1er

Written in a POW camp somewhere in Germany....

As this was my first ever Megablitz game I was both excited and a little anxious. I needn't have worried, I was partnered with a rather splendid fellow called Chris Agar who showed me the ropes. As has been said elsewhere you can pick up the game quickly and they were right.

I like a challenge and had volunteered to be a French general. The French briefing  was short and to the point; it reflected the rather fluid nature of the battle and how we French generals were expected to deal with what was happening.

I was assigned 18th Infantry Division a Series A formation staffed with younger reservists. Along with 23rd Infantry (General Agar) division our initial positions were in the north on the line Avesnes - Mauberge; top LH table in this pic:

You can see the Germans huddling at the top of the picture. 
No doubt they are concocting some form of shabby Nahzee trick.

The next photos show the gallant toys of 23rd ID occupying Avesnes and covering the airfield. 18ID occupy the forest to the left of the airfield. 18ID recce was moved up the road towards Mauberge. Then we waited.

My homemade battlebox from a tin of French biscuits

Worm's eye view of 18ID. 
In the distance can be seen the lead elements of the German invasion forces.

So, 18ID & 23ID are in position; feeling confident we can stop the invader; recce in position; guns sited; airfield covered. All is well. Then came the order to withdraw.........