Sunday, 20 April 2014

I Marmittoni

Today's blog post is a 1940ish Italian infantry division. It has two infantry regiments, each of three battalions (Airfix). The HQ unit is a Fiat 500 (Early War Miniatures) with a couple of figures. The divisional artillery regiment (HAT) is represented by a 75mm gun and two figures. The artillery LOG vehicle is a 1/100 model Zis (Zvezda). The divisional LOG train is represented by a diecast bus with added detail. The division has no anti-tank unit but does have a fearsome AA capability: 20mm HMG. The division is also very lucky to have Recce capability in the shape of an attached Bersaglieri m/c unit. This infantry division is a small unit and is almost immobile once emplaced but it does have some firepower. Well, a little.

1. HQ & AA 
2. AA & HQ
3. LOG Battalion
4. Recce Battalion (r)
5. Artillery Regiment
6. Artillery Regiment
7. Infantry Battalions
8. Infantry Battalions
9. Infantry Division On Parade

 PS I Marmittoni is the Italian way of saying 'The Squaddies', 'Les Poilus', 'The GIs' or 'Las Guripas'. I believe it is a reference to the large cooking pots the infantry used to use to prepare meals. Unless someone knows different?

Updates as they happen!


  1. Yes, the origin the nickname is correct, By the way the spelling should be "Marmittoni". In Italian "Marmitta" is a very large pot. Regards, Fabrizio from Italy

    1. Brilliant! Thank you, Fabrizio, I've corrected my spelling :)

    2. Marmittoni is lovely on toast. But you either love it or hate it ;-)

    3. I don't think i'd love broken metal spread on my toast tbh......;)

  2. Great work on these guys! The vehicles look particularly cool!

  3. Simply outstanding James!

    That Reece unit rocks mate!

  4. Excellent work, and a worthy subject too!

    Kind regards, Chris.