Thursday, 3 July 2014

Peasants Revolt Revamp

At the moment this army is demoralised and in disarray. After being comprehensively slotted in every game they've played to date an orbat re-jig was in order.

Originally I thought 4 Warbands would be needed so I culled suitable figures from the Hordes. When it came to totting up the points there were more than 24. I realised that harsh measures were needed if this army wanted to be anything other than a punch-bag for everyone else. Out went 2 of the 4 Warbands, 1 of the 3 Shooters & 8 out of 10 Hordes (prefer cats?). In came 2 Warbands. This gave me the 24 points I required. The final count was 11 elements laid off and sent back to their day jobs. (Unless I think of another army for them.)

So, the Army is now:

1 x Hero General (Wat Tyler & Jack Straw) @ 4pts
1 x Cleric (John Ball) @ 3pts
1 x Paladin (Saint George) @ 4pts
1 x Flyer (Saint Michael) @ 2 pts
2 x Shooters (Pugh, Hugh) @ 4 pts
2 x Warband (Barrney, Magrew) @ 4pts
2 x Hordes (Cuthbert. Dybble) @ 2pts
1 x Lurker (Piers Plowman & Grubbe) @ 1pt

And a picture -

The Army of The Peasants' New Modelled

Clockwise from back left: Paladin, Shooter, Stronghold, Cleric, Shooter, Flyer, Lurker, Horde, Horde, Hero General, Warband, Warband.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Phil! I think doing away with the Human Wave tactics is the way ahead for these guys!