Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Quiet On Set! ACTION!

Here's the deal. When I finally get my A-into-G and play some Pulp Adventure games I'll be photographing the action and then writing an AAR for inclusion here. And then I thought wouldn't it be a wizard wheeze to have a toy film crew filming the action while I film them as I film the action....ahem. All will become clear in due course.

Here's some pictures of The Movie Crew filming a quota quickie in downtown ToyTown earlier today:

Tell Me You Got Zat Shot?!

Cut! Print!

Crazed Genius of B-Cinema
Erich von Strokehem

Master of The Clapperboard
Kriz Klapski

Mistress of the Script
& Part-Time Reporter
Daphne Dewdrop

Ace Camera Operator
Reels Rogers

 The Truck

The figures are from Bob Murch's Pulp range. I cleaned them up, mold lines that kind of thing. I undercoated them with matt black Plastikote. They were all painted using a range of Vallejo colours. I am particularly pleased with the way the director figure turned out. I tried check patterns on Reels's trousers/hat and Kriz's sweater. The truck is a standard die-cast sprayed black. I made the signs with WordArt. A really fun project!

Updates as they happen, chumrades!

PS: Welcome to new blog member CPBelt, thanks for following!


  1. I like the cut of your jib! The movie crew is a great set. Looking forward to more.

  2. That's in the Can, James. Nicely Done. If you are interested in some 28mm backdrop buildings have a look at and also Haunted Mansions I did some of these for my blog, just Google Col's Tanks and look for tag Pulp

  3. That is a great looking film crew. Your paint job is much better than mine!


  4. Very very fine work. I really like the knit sweater vest on Kritz Klapski. Consider that idea stolen, sir.

    1. Why you big charmer, Michael! Steal away, good sir!